Leaving for Nashville

I got a call today and Massage Envy is buying my bus ticket to Nashville. I am grief-stricken at the moment despite this. No excuse of any kind for any reason without any redeeming value. Period.

Blinded by the Light

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“If love is the answer can you rephrase the question?” – Lilly Tomilin

Thought for the Day: Spiritual Food

“If you were arrested for being kind to yourself, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” – Peter McWilliams

Misogyny: No Comment

Move on = i don’t care= I did not care=did you ever care=I could not care=why could I care =I could care less=heart less care=you could not careless=you are not worth my time since i can care less =i can’t control you so i don’t want you is that not what move on = is that your philosophy seems pretty cold to me you can not sit on zero= you can not be what i want you to be so i don’t want you that is the truth of what what move on means how logical you have become seems like you

“The Fault is not in our Stars Brutus……..but in ourselves….” – Shakespeare

Moving….emotionally and physically.

Massage Envy

Heidi Photo This Girl has been offered a job with Massage Envy! Several perks that I did not anticipate were offered for an out of state location and the local location is offering more per hour. I asked for ten days to respond which gives me time to look into license and insurance costs and renewals, housing costs, rooms for rent and that kind of thing. Both jobs are holding out a carrot of entry level supervisory experience but the local location is prepared to offer that more quickly than the out of state location. Meanwhile, the out of state location has business ties with a new Massage School and they have encouraged me to apply to teach.

Washing Clothes

I remember when I was a student and waiting for my student check to arrive. I asked an old boyfriend who I was interested in dating again if he could float me some cash so I could wash clothes. I felt horrible about it. Sickened. It goes against my gut to ask a man for anything. Now that I am homeless that has not changed. It seemed every time something went wrong for me after having asked him for that help, I had to ask again for something else. If it wasn’t one thing it ended up being another. It made me miserable. there was always some excuse. Truly. The price of the rental car I paid for was misquoted. Something always. It is not ok to ask a man for anything to me. Ever.

I actually am happier being here, in this situation of homelessness than I was when I was in love with him and able to ask for his help.

He hates me now. If I was a prostitute or an accountant, I might have value.

Being asked and asking

My resume was forwarded to the Nashville location and they have requested an interview! Whew! And they do offer a sign on bonus. I am willing to give it a shot and a gracious friend has humbled me with the offer of a ride there and back while running errands. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

When friends encounter rough times, it’s always a touch and go issue about whether or not to help out, and if you choose too, how much help and what kind of help do you offer? It’s no easier being asked for help than it is to ask for help! And not only that, when a friends family  either won’t help or can’t help for whatever reason, it’s not unjust to ask why either!

When you only speak to your step father twice a year and barely more than that to your mother, it’s a minor psychological faux pas on the family’s part how you can miraculously be the source of all the problems that they lay at your door! Anyway, ignore my gossiping! My heart is light, I am being published professionally, a small podcasting and broadcasting company contacted me about partnering up to host a radio show based on my professional blog and when your own family wont give you more than three weeks to catch your breath, and your step father demands a divorce from his wife of 25 years, there are other problems in play. If your the praying sort, please pray for Mom. I can only be silent about so much of the treatment I know of and this is just the latest example of why I moved away and was closer to Mom’s parents than I was to the family she has built with my step father.

I am indeed living at a homeless shelter.

I am staying at the Rescue Mission on Evangel Drive in Huntsville. Yes, it’s akin to jail. I am trying to keep my spirits up by telling myself that writers often do strange things to find things to write about….and that if this was the 1960’s it’s just another kind of commune in a way! If you happen to plan to be in Huntsville out running errands and would like to offer me a lift to the bank or library sometime, please text me. Any ride I could get that would save me the 2 dollars a two way bus ride costs would be great!

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