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Pain is temporary. Love is forever. Don’t make it the other way around. ~ Anon

Meme Forty Three of Fifty

Borderlands of Health and Wellness:

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Quick note

Just a quick note to my readers that all is well. Uncomfortable but well. Massage Envy Green Hills is great and I’m enjoying getting to know everyone I’m working with.

Still looking for the right room or apartment. If you would a brief prayer in this area for me would be humbly appreciated! I have something temporary lined up on January 1,2015 that would run for 2 months. It would give me time to find something long term. Updates as things develop. 

The eye of the beholder

Do broken crayons still color?

Thought for the day

In olden times sacrifices were made at the altar. A practice which is still continued.~Helen Rowland.

When two people are underage influence of the most violent, insane, most delusionary and most transient of passions, they submit to the delusion of swearing that they will remain in this excited, abnormal and exhausting condition continuously until death do them part.~paraphrase of George Bernard Shaw. 

What we remember and why

Oh what will we twist in order to remember why we remembered in the first place. Say Nothing.

Needle NY New York

Cleopatras_Needle UK



Tell Me Again


About what I know nothing of?

Loaded? Who knew?

So many things can be loaded.

  • Guns
  • Ideas
  • Cameras
  • People

Just to name a few.

Language is Art. We trust at our own risk. – Ashley M. Heidi Carter

Nashville Green Hills Massage Envy


I leave for Nashville to accept my new job Wednesday, December 3rd. So far, so good. I will be working with the regional manager and learning about the company before I hit the floor.

I am in limbo waiting to hear from the LMT peer review panel about the NMT and Hot Stone modules. Gannett’s review process includes their writer’s and an LMT panel of reviews in addition to the NCB approval process. That is a lot of folks and the modules are only the length of an English lit essay.

I am praying myself up as some have recommended and I am grateful that my time spent at the Huntsville Downtown Rescue Mission has not been any more miserable, uncomfortable or distressing than it has been so far. I do plan to write a letter to the Coalition for the Homeless in Huntsville once I relocate and find an apartment in Nashville and get settled.

Leaving for Nashville

I got a call today and Massage Envy is buying my bus ticket to Nashville. I am grief-stricken at the moment despite this. No excuse of any kind for any reason without any redeeming value. Period.

Blinded by the Light

Don’t ask. Click this Link.

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Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one. So get a few laughs and do the best you can. Don't have an ideal to work for. That's like riding towards the mirage of a lake.

Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann)

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