Peace Corps Interview Done … It Looks Good!

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This post lifted my spirits for several reasons. It detailed the process and because the writer is so honest about his former drug use he takes the time to let other recovering addicts know what to expect If they choose to apply to the Peace Corps.

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So I just wanted to do a quick update.  I am going to try and keep this short because I am furiously exhausted from very long 11 hour days in the hot sun, little sleep due to work, and my grant writing class.

So on Monday July 14th I had my official Peace Corps interview.  I thought there were two from what I understood from several other candidates.  My recruiter said there is only one official one with possible follow-ups on the phone.  I suspect the follow-ups were what the other candidates were speaking about.

I digress.  So the “official interview” went very well.  For all those wondering, it is nothing to be afraid of.  The prep I spoke about in my last post, using the Peace Corps wiki interview question, worked well.  Many of those questions, or similar ones, were used in my interview.  Because of the prep I…

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Submitted application to Peace Corps!

BeachThe application is surprisingly uncomplicated! It took about ten minutes and that included time to run to facebook to double check my personal references email and phone number and time for her to reply to my message!

The website does say apply now to depart in 2015. I want to check around with a few other organizations to make sure I actually have options and get to go. Right now, I need a breather badly and it would do me a world of good to not only go overseas, even if it is to work, just for the change of scenery and pace alone. Fortunately, I know enough to know that while some of the scenery will be beautiful, it’s not going to be a picnic or a vacation with luxury lodgings and time to relax. Despite this, the prospect is exciting to me on many levels. I would love to have company but one of the best parts of doing this kind of work are the friendships you make and the connections with people you form while you involved in a meaningful project with so many implications.

And of course, I just got what I THINK was a sales call given some of my recent online activity and the caller was not American. After they asked to speak to me, I said it sounded like a sales call and said I wasn’t interested and hung up, forgetting I had just submitted this application! Well that may have been cultural communication mistake number one! Time to pay attention to the present moment and practice a little zen.

Hopefully, that dismissive attitude with that phone call wont come back to haunt me!

A ‘coign of vantage’: putting history in perspective.

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In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Banquo speaks of the castle at the centre of the play not possessing a ‘coign of vantage’, meaning, effectively, a room with a view. Later, in the late-nineteenth century, Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912) produced an enigmatic painting employing the same title, portraying three young Roman women looking down from a high cliff-face at the arrival of two ships. In the writing of history, possessing such a ‘coign of vantage’ represents, to me, the ultimate ideal of the discipline: the search for a perfect perspective from which to view the great vista of the past in its truest possible light. Often, history has been reduced to a set of convenient personalities or periods, which can occlude the far broader and usually irregular or untidy rhythms of the past. So, I believe that labouring to discover that perfect viewpoint from which to regard the surrounding historical landscape should represent the…

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Will someone please tell me that my password protected post was not public for the last four days?

Hola Blog readers!

I made a password protected post for someone special to me and put it on the blog four days ago. I couldn’t figure out if he had checked it and for some reason it kept coming up without me having to enter my password the way I did when I first published it. I thought I just needed to clean my browser but then, it still kept showing up…….if my personal life and pornographic mind have been on display for the last four days, will someone please tell me?


Protected: Will it actually STAY password protected…if your not my ex – this post is not intended for you!

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This just in from Global Service Corps

This is the reply from GSC. I actually thought I asked for information about Thailand and not Cambodia but I may have indicated all of South East Asia. As soon as more information comes in I will share.


Dear Ashley,

Thank you for your interest in Global Service Corps’ Service-Learning Programs in Cambodia! Please find attached to this email overviews of our Cambodia programsWe hope to have you join us in the ‘Kingdom of Wonder.’


Global Service Corps offers short and long term service-learning volunteer opportunities, as well as internships. Opportunities exist to work in the fields of Buddhist Immersion, English Education, HIV/AIDS Prevention Education, Orphanage Care, and International Health. There is also the option for participants to combine two of the programs into an Integrated Program.  


In GSC’s Buddhist Immersion Program, volunteers experience the rich culture of Khmer Buddhism firsthand as guests, students, and teachers at a Khmer wat (monastery).  Participants will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily rituals of monastery life while also giving back to the community by offering beginning English training to the novices, nuns, and monks of the wat. Besides teaching English, volunteers have the opportunity to participate in daily Khmer meditation sessions, chanting, alms giving, and other activities at the temple, providing a thorough immersion in Khmer Buddhism.


In the Teach English Abroad Program, participants work in local non-profits and community based organizations in Phnom Penh.  Volunteers lead classes for Khmer youth in beginning English that focus on pronunciation, reading, speaking, and listening skills. GSC provides participants with a training manual prior to departure that serves as a reference throughout the program.  Participants will also receive additional training during their first week of orientation.


The HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program allows participants to educate teachers, students, and other community members about this deadly disease.  Volunteers will receive a pre-departure educational training manual, as well as additional preparation and training during orientation.  Placements are available in youth centers throughout Phnom Penh, providing participants the opportunity to educate disadvantaged children in HIV/AIDS prevention, drug and alcohol awareness, and issues surrounding domestic violence. 


The Orphanage Program gives GSC participants the opportunity to bring some happiness and attention to the young children who live at the children’s center that GSC works with. The center is unique as it is the home for children who are HIV positive and/or have lost parents to AIDS. The children are all ages and are cared for at the orphanage until early adulthood, with the goal of restoring joy to their lives.  In the Orphanage Program, participants spend their days playing with the children, leading after school sports and extracurricular activities, and most importantly giving these young people the attention and mentoring that they need.


Ideal for those with a public health interest, the International Health Program focuses on GSC’s mission to provide care to the underserved and to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Cambodia. It combines the HIV/AIDS Prevention Program and the Orphanage Program, giving participants a unique opportunity to not only see firsthand how HIV/AIDS is affecting youth in Cambodia but also to help ensure healthy, positive futures for the most vulnerable children.  The program requires a four week minimum commitment and prepares participants with a pre-departure educational HIV/AIDS training manual, as well as additional training during orientation. 


Participants may also choose to combine two of their interests in GSC’s Integrated Program.  Depending on the participant’s background and the community needs at that time, GSC staff can work with individuals to ensure that they achieve their goals and maximize the implementation of their skills.  The Integrated Program requires a minimum commitment of three weeks, allowing for one week of orientation and at least one week in each project placement. 

Cambodia Program internships are offered in all service-learning programs and require a minimum commitment of nine weeks. 


For students, academic credit for any Cambodia Program is available as follows:

·        Through your own institution as an independent study program. Students arrange for credit with their institution for the Cambodia program in which they enroll. 

·        Through SUNY-Albany as an independent study program. Students arrange for credit with SUNY-Albany for the Cambodia program in which they enroll. 

  • Through enrollment in the Cambodia 9 credit summer program or 15 credit semester program. Attached is a sample weekly schedule for the more structured semester program. Although the sample schedule is subject to change, it will nonetheless provide you with a more in-depth understanding of what to expect. Graduate credit is also available.


All Cambodia service-learning volunteers on arrival participate in a five-day orientation and training program, which includes sightseeing trips to some of the famous sites in Phnom Penh, an introduction to the Cambodian culture, preparatory project training, and introductory Khmer language lessons. During orientation, participants stay in a local guest house; breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided at local restaurants.  After orientation, volunteers will be accommodated either in a local guesthouse in Phnom Penh or in on-site housing at the orphanage or monastery. 


If you’re interested in applying for a service-learning program, check out our tips for enrolling.  If you’re ready to apply, start an application.  For available start-dates and current rates, see our Dates and Rates page.


You may call the number listed below between 9am and 5pm PST to speak with someone about opportunities for volunteering/internships in Cambodia. Alternatively, please email us with your phone number indicating the best time/days to call you.


Thank you for your interest in Global Service Corps and we look forward to hearing from you!





GSC Program Administration


Global Service Corps

A project of Earth Island Institute

phone 503-954-1659

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Global Service Corps Twitter

Global Service Corps Blog


The 39 steps….Why is this on my mind today?

I remember

Got the go-ahead to start writing my two cont-ed proposals!

I am tickled! It did happen a little faster than expected as well. I got the message today that I have been green lighted by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork to start writing two introductory cont-ed modules. Now if I can just keep my utilities on and get my internet access turned on again, all will be well for at least a few more months.

Pray for me everyone!

Requesting more info on The Peace Corps and similiar volunteer organizations

I have come to a decision which I hope will be productive. I have contacted The Peace Corps and one similar organization about volunteer opportunities overseas. As I do more research I am sure others will present themselves. I would like to work in Asia or South Asia as far as India. This is the market segment that seems to be the most active in both Medical tourism and with Spa Tourism. I would consider South America and Africa if there was an opportunity to work in an Eco tourism center.

I have heard some ‘rumors’ about how rough it can be. That said, I am fortunate to have an Uncle who retired from the State Department who can ask around for me about the most well recognized organizations. If anyone has any additional suggestions please comment below and wish me luck! Apparently, the wait to be accepted can take quite a while. Also, I have to apply for my passport again and find three people willing to vouch for my character. The Peace Corps itself has a scholarship program for those who enter graduate school AFTER volunteering. So…I may be putting off grad school for a bit.

Given that I do have a small business idea I need to incubate, I think this would be a great way to prepare and to focus on essentials.

Be Well Everyone!

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