Liars for Jesus: Historical Revisionism and supposed UFO revelations

An often circulated FBI memo about the Roswell incident, which resulted in a fraud conviction for some of those involved has been republished, yet again. A variety of news outlets have commented on the recent unveiling of the ‘Hottel’ memo and some on the fringe of journalistic legitimacy have suggested that it’s ‘news worthy’.  What I thought was of note was the International Business Times commentary. Yahoo suggested based on their story, that the ‘real hoax’ might have been in convincing the public that there is a conspiracy. On that note, I thought I would comment on historical revisionism in light of popular culture and post a link to the book Liar’s for Jesus. It claims to be a ‘Christian effort’ to rebut historical revisionism but I think it remains a secular effort on the part of liberal culture to practice Eugenics behind closed doors.

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