Will the movie Atlas Shrugged be the new rallying cry of the Tea Party?

NPR has a short blurb about the upcoming movie Atlas Shrugged based on Ayn Rand‘s epic. But is it all a farce? I’ve run across several articles on the subject and they all hinge on Rands deliberately poor presentation of arguments against monopoly capitalism. The current anti globalization movement, with its seemingly post modern flavor, garnered Bill Clinton‘s admission of a ‘problem’ at a Seattle protest back in the early 1990’s and some have not forgotten it.Many of their arguments are still in popular circulation and while many are subversive from a capitalist standpoint, not all of them are avowedly socialist, let alone Marxist. Fair Trade not Free Trade is a good example.

That said Obama is not Bill Clinton. Nor are the politics of one the politics of the other, despite the Health Care Reform Act. Also, Comparisons between Clinton and Obama may not be any more productive than attempts to compromise on the current Federal budget. But I do think there are things the current President could learn from Clinton’s brief misstep into the anti globalization forum if he would but review the post modern cast of that movement, in light of current politics, and articles at home.

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