Transubstantion and chocolate: Religion and kitsch meet

News of the latest religious culture clash came from NPR. It seems that this year young students in one midwestern state may not talk about hunting Easter Eggs but they can talk about searching for ‘spring spheres’ while at school.

It’s all nonsense I reassured myself. Evidence of the latest wave of new parents eager to teach their young where their families sit on various sides of important issues in the melting pot.

And then, as I walked down the candy aisle at Wall-Mart I saw shades of my mother. A chocolate fish that was emblazoned with ‘the sweetest name on Earth’ – Jesus was being offered up by Russell Stover. I recoiled and then I picked it up. I had every intention of buying it for my mother who works at a Christian book store and who’s home is decorated in assorted Christian themes. But the Jesus fish from Russell Stover was not the only ‘Christian’ offering I found on the Easter candy aisle.

Further down, I found a chocolate cross from Hershey and another ‘fish’ without the sweetest name. As I stood there shaking my head, my current bosom companion walked up and said we were being reduced to Christian cannibalism. Not being a practicing Christian, I listened with rapt attention to my Baptist friends commentary about the history of the doctrine of transubstantiation from it’s Catholic roots all the way down to the protestant Episcopalians. Bless him, Republican voter that he is, with his two college degrees, that he cannot get a job beyond the confines of the mail room at our local paper.

The Zombie Last Supper came to mind as an example of what turns some people off to the idea of the Doctrine of Transubstantiation .

A skeptics view of the Doctrine of Transubstantiation

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