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Generation Gap: The Royal Wedding

NPR has gathered statistics from one of England’s prominent newspapers suggesting that the majority of the country is indifferent to the upcoming Royal Wedding. I admit to chuckling about the ‘commoner’ T-shirts that I would buy if I was over there.

As the granddaughter of a Naturalized British American, I share those sentiments but it’s a great excuse for a party. When I moved to my current location, I was introduced to those who threw parties for almost every occasion, including the Kentucky Derby.

I do plan to have a cup of tea the afternoon of the wedding with an elderly neighbor of mine. I doubt I will watch the entire media blitz but hope to catch sight of the bride walking down the aisle and the vows. With the American media so caught up in the shadow of Diana, I think it only fair to mention Prince Charles sister, Princess Anne as a Diana counter-weight, and for her wise parenting ways when it came to her children and the media.


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