The ‘Layers’ Conspiracy and has the President disowned his white self?

I just read an article from CNN suggesting that the President has been humiliated into publishing his long form birth certificate.

I beg to differ with the BLACK woman who wrote the article. Orientalism and ‘The Other’ need not be the issue. But if the shoe fits in the black mind, so be it. I’ll pretend to be a WASP so she has someone to blame today.

I think the President deigned to present the public with his long form for a few straightforward reasons. The foremost being that he’s a lawyer and aware that Civil Rights are not from the Same Body of Law as Natural Rights. Natural Rights are touted by many and claimed by all – especially when and where parents and children are concerned.

After reading GAWKER’s report on the Layers Conspiracy about the Long Form and the commentary that followed it, I feel compelled to point out that if your going to highlight a conspiracy video get the best you can find and not one that’s second rate. I found this video more informative while less funny than the one posted on GAWKER.

It’s a matter of gendered discourse.

For me, that begins and ENDS the story.

But others it seems need a detailed map down the merry highway of French enlightenment philosophy and  a history lesson from the BLACK populace on Orientalist cum WASP FEMINISM to justify their rage. Obama does not appreciate his white family and has disowned them was the one that burnt me the most.

Without it, without their ideological dependence on the framework of imperialism and the legacy of colonialism, they have no Marxist class consciousness to chew on and none to shove down others throats in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘defense’ of the poor humiliated President.

And yes, some of that rage may indeed be both BLACK and WHITE. There used to be Royalists in America not more than 200 years ago. And depending on whom you ask, they never left. Some even think they ‘OWN’ Natural Philosophy as a result.

I don’t think Obama has a background in Orientalism anymore than most of the country did when 911 happened. But even the most non radical in the country had heard of anti corporatism. But not all of us called such sentiments “Marxist.”

That came with the flag waving in the name of the War on Terror.

And now the suggestion is found in many of the GAWKER comments that Obama disowns his White Roots. For all I know, perhaps he does.

But it doesn’t change the gendered discourse of feminism, class-ism, and imperialism that spawned the controversy.


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