The Royal Wedding and the Presidents Visit to Alabama

My neighbor knocked on my door at 4:36 a.m. this morning to tell me the future Duke of Cambridge was already at the church, along with his brother. I thought my neighbor was a prankster and threatened to call the law from behind my closed door. Our building’s fire alarm had been triggered the previous evening at about 11 p.m. and continued ringing off and on till 1:30 the following morning. So by the time she knocked to invite me over to watch the wedding festivities I was really cranky. But despite this, I lumbered over to her house and prepared to watch the last of the Royals be seated in the Church. The things I do for love!

Yes, the bride was reminiscent of a young Grace Kelly in her finery and the second kiss on the balcony was better than the first. Loved the Queen Mother‘s decision to wear yellow. The Duchess of Kent caught my eye for her impeccable fashion choices. The news reports suggest that there were a tremendous amount of Americans in the crowd waving the Stars and Stripes, which blended in with the blue, white and red of the Union Jack.

The American Ambassador to the Court of St. James stated that the Brits think the Birthers are an embarrassment and the height of silliness.¬† I continue to be shocked that they and the press are still going at it. The President did visit my home State of Alabama and the city of Tuscaloosa on his way to the Cape. I am relieved that he has given his attention to our State wide crisis. I think his visit to Alabama, a State that did not help elect him, should lay to rest any lingering suggestions that the President has “abandoned” his white family as notwithstanding the serious scrutiny of his office.


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