The Middleton Coat of Arms

I went looking for information on the new Duchess of Cambridge‘s maiden coat of arms and found several articles on it. Apparently, the little acorn that becomes the oak is featured in triplet, along with multi colored chevrons. It was originally designed to highlight the unity of Kate’s immediate family and their outdoor pursuits. The new Duchess will now have her family crest ‘impaled’ upon her husbands for future use. Her family will be able to carry the crest for their lifetime.

A full description of the Crest can be found here. In searching for her crest I also found out that the Duke and Duchess share an ancestor in common! It seems that Kate’s eleventh great-grandfather and Williams twelfth, are one in the same Tudor era character and was thought so disreputable by the common people, that no picture of him has survived.

Despite this, all I could think of when viewing the acorn was the metaphor of starting small and achieving great things over time. I also couldn’t help but think of children. I am relieved to know that they want a family and thought that this metaphor boded excellent tidings.


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