A Professional Esthetician replies to the collegue who gave her 8 year old botox injections

I’ve worked in the world of Resort Spas since 1998. Even though I am not currently using my Massage License doesn’t mean that I don’t attempt to keep up with whats going on the field. Fortunately, not all happenings are as sensational as the recent news that a part-time Esthetician from Birmingham England who is now lives in California made a habit of giving her 8 year old child botox injections to help her win in her beauty pageants.

Numerous trends that are popular in the Spa Industry begin on the coasts, and botox is a prime example. Estheticians, like Massage Therapists, are regulated State by State. If Professional Aesthetics in California is regulated as hap hazardly as Massage Therapy, then the problem in my opinion is self explanatory.

I found the following excellent article from a Professional Esthetician regarding her colleagues lax standards and ethical lapse. I think it’s best to leave the criticism of this womans actions to one of her own peers. The article can be found here.

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