Writing is Like: A government Spy Op

Don’t believe me? Have a gander at this article from The Atlantic. Apparently there is a new government program, the Intelligence Advanced Research Project Activity or IARPA for short.

According to The Atlantic, the upshot is a government funded ‘metaphor gathering’ program that sounds like a revamped form of linguistic Racism mixed with Scientology. Supposedly, it is to gather intelligence about our ‘enemies’ but it also seems that this program was already in place in the United States thanks to the Patriot Act. Also, depending on your views about Homosexuality in the Military, it might also account for the supposed backlash military families are complaining about if Homosexuals are so detrimental to morale overall.

Personally, I will be remaining tight lipped. Apart from a comment made over at the Patheos Pagan forums about the linguistic fallacy of a genitive case for the English Language in a comment posted to the following article and it’s relationship to gendered discourse and the loose use of the word ‘fundamentalism’.


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