Passing the Buck from one Neo con to another: Gendered Discourse in a political context

I remember the hoopla that was engineered by most liberals and progressives in the days following the invasion of Iraq. I also remember most of it being Blue State Driven for what that is worth. I also remember arguments about homosexuality and the military bigotedness about it being derided. It may seem like I am rambling but I am not. A recent article that apparently seeks to cater to those who were bludgeoned to death by one side or the other in the ‘Just War’ arguments have reared their heads again in the wake of the news that Congress and the President are allowing and promoting the collusion of power in executive branch hands. It seems that we are all supposed to fear unending war rather than the power of blind populism. I however will continue not to underestimate the bigotedness of the masses and those who claim to have their best interests at heart.


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