So called preservation of religious culture and the USAF

News of the revelation that a former member of the USAF created a false identity as a lesbian blogger, and then outed yet another incognito male in lesbian clothing, Tom McMaster, before being outed himself, has finally reached the public. The feminist community, especially the post modern feminist community should not be surprised.

Bill Graber, who owns the blog site LezGetReal, claimed he wanted to advance the Gay and Lesbian agenda and thought he would get more credibility if he presented himself as a female and as a lesbian.

Personally, I think this is an excuse, bound up with academia, the military and religious and homosexual bigotry.  It is a travesty of the modernization paradigm and it’s just as bigoted to portray any and everything post modern as homosexual. Which is not to say that homosexuals and their allies, are unbigoted, when calling populism a disease, all in the defense of secular society. I think there is a larger scandal here and I think that the so called Tea Party is a symptom of a larger problem in relation to this issue. I continue in my belief that the problem is partly academic and that modernism is only an excuse for unscrupulous politicians who took advantage of a larger cultural upheaval.


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