Something I’ve not done in awhile

I found some wonderful small statues, Goddess inspired, representing male and female. Which raises the issue of jewelry. You see, I was inspired by the personal and family shrines I saw in the movie Anna and The King with Jodie Foster and finally found something that approximates them that I could use several years ago. The small images of family or divinity or ancestors were inspired by Gladiator.

 But I got into a religious rut or fell out of one, depending on your point of view, and started using the box for jewelry and not as a religious something at all. All I can say is that I barely held my own for a few years. If one could say that I held it together at all. But things have improved.

At any rate, today I bought a spiral Lord and a spiral Goddess, three and one half inches in height and this means I will have to do something about my shrine. I also got a great Laxshmi and Vishnu plaque at 8 and a half inches that strongly resembles Shakti and Shiva only I think that the one of Vishnu and Laxshmi is more attractive than the Shakti and Shiva one I passed on. If John was home, I would use his camera to take a picture and post it with this. Right now, the drawers in my shrine contain yet more jewelry and the box itself contains yet another jewelry box and assorted small items of personal value.

Yes, pagan puttering about is good for the weary traveler and the weary travelers soul.

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