Religion and Social Psychology

In the twenty four plus hours since the Norway shooting and bombing rampage, it might have become obvious to some Americans on the left that religion is a problem everywhere. Even in socialist utopias…but this horrific event reminded me of why I purchased Janya Davis book The Third Terrorist several years ago. At the time, I was a practicing pagan with a Christian family. I had only one family member who wasn’t a practicing Christian but being a transcultural psychotherapist, I have no doubt my uncle could get along with anyone as long as it wasn’t one of his siblings. Back then, 911 was still a fresh wound and I was struggling, as a lot of people were, with the fundamentalism so many Americans were expressing. One issue of note to me at the time, was how was it, that some of these fundamentalists could suggest that this was a Christian nation and simueltaneously harp about corporate capitalism and capitalism in general, being Christian derived. I have no doubt that they would quote Max Weber but I dismissed him years ago and found that I wasn’t alone. I have no doubt, that the incident in Norway will once again bring this issue to light and I must say that I sincerely doubt any headway has been made about the subject in popular thought.

Speaking of Corporate Capitalism


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