Christian Bigots and Anders Brevik are one in the same disease

I couldn’t help but wonder why I noticed pagans being silent about the mass shootings in Norway. It seems that the Christian bigots who believe themselves entitled to rule the world by hook or by crook, and the WEAK WILLED CHRISTIANS who say and do nothing to stop them, have chosen to call Brevik a ‘Pagan.’ And so far, this is going unchallenged. What’s more, I found myself wanting to stereotype both the Christians calling Brevik a pagan and those pagans who are remaining silent about it, Democracy advocates. God forbid, a pagan rock the politically correct boat lest they be called a religious bigot and God forbid a Christian not call anything that doesn’t mesh with their bigoted worldview of victimhood ‘pagan.’ That was shocking to me, which is to say that I shocked myself. My initial response was to immediately construct a gendered discourse and to presume that pagans and Christians are busy occupying both sides of the same ideological fence, each group just as intolerant as the other and convinced that they alone have a direct line to the truth. Only after I had a few hours to leave the issue alone did this illogic resurface, and beckon me back to the Dashboard of this blog. I am going to update this post again, but for the moment, I don’t think I have it in perspective.


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