When does Marketing cross the line?

I have been a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist for over ten years. In that time, most of my professional life was spent in the confines and bosom of Corporate America with Resort and Destination Spas. It was also spent working for a secular company that most Americans associate with paganism, due to the corporate owners personal and private religion. As a side note, during the first five years of my professional life that I worked for this company, I was a practicing neo pagan, a religion distinct from mainstream monotheism or any of it’s variants. I later became agnostic after several long talks with a woman who was a close Wiccan friend and a fair amount of personal research. Meanwhile, I continued to practice Professional Massage Therapy and attempted to gain more experience as an independant contractor in smaller venues such as day spas and chiropractic offices. Today, after perusing the alternative news sources and their mainstream counterparts, I came across the following website: http://www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-ciadenverairport.htm that had an advertisement by Massage Warehouse featured prominently on it’s page. Is this what Professional Massage has stooped too? Fear Mongering and greed? Or is it indicative of a larger post modern trend in the industry as a whole, a sign of random growth rather than decadence? I don’t know that I have made up my mind really. I am probally not the best person to ask about this question due to the fact that the piece of ‘news’ that this website covered is indirectly related to a conspiracy author who attacked a distant family member of mine, that may in fact not be a real relative. But the point is, the issue raised in the article is something I associate with a far right radical nut, who had no qualms about delving into another families history and then turning it into a spectacle, and publishing it. Not only that, it was an attempt at social engineering and eugenics as far as I can tell. That is a lapse of ethics and yellow journalism to boot in my opinion. That Massage Warehouse, a corporation that has perhaps too quickly gained respect in the Professional Massage world for it’s marketing of products to such a large audience, would advertise in such a venue is not in and of itself noteworthy. What is noteworthy, is that they do not discriminate about their chosen venue or how they advertise. This just flies all over me. I have a multi racial extended family apart from any connection to the family that was attacked by this right wing nut. The arrogance of the conspiracy author mentioned above was to pin an entire cultures shortcomings and moral duplicity on just one PRIVATE family and also proceeded to claim they had influence beyond that of ordinary Americans.  There are numerous things in her work that intrigue me as she highlights otherization and that is a discourse common to colonialism. But to advance her work is not the same as deconstructing it. That is what annoys and angers me about finding Massage Warehouses advertising logo on this page. I decided to do something about it. I both emailed massage warehouse with a complaint and also called them to let them know in no uncertain terms, that I have Professional standing as a Massage therapist for ten plus years and that I am currently working on an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a dual concentration in Health Promotion and Management. I let them know, that should this kind of questionable link between them and the venues in which they advertise continue that I would no longer be able to recommend them and that any spa I worked for in the future would not consider using them as a source for supplies such as hotstones, oils, creams, or linen. In the Professional world of Spa and Destination Resorts, Massage Warehouse has very little to offer as they do not provide a professional treatment line that can complete with companies such as Kerstin Florian, Sothys, Dermologica, Institute Esthederm, or Essensa. But I do know a nuber of MT who privately use their products for personal and home use. I will not be recommending Massage Warehouse in the future to any Professional colleague for personal use. It’s not a big blow to them, but I do hope I got their attention.


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