Reflections on 911 and Social Security

What is telling about The War on Terror or TWOT, for short, is that the dialogue has recently ‘returned’ to liberal nation building courtsey of the Arab Spring. Count on those pesky Arabs to remind America what the discourse was in the days leading up to 911 and in common currency shortly thereafter before being branded unpatriotic and summarily attacked here at home. As if to remind us of this yet again, we’ve recently been introduced to Govenor Rick Perry’s take on Social Security as a Ponzi Scheme, with no exception from him that it’s only a Ponzi scheme when it isn’t. I for one see the fractures in the Republican party and in the Democratic party for that matter, a little more clearly when financial structuring issues like this are brought up. Democrats may try to avert their gaze from this debacle and console themselves behind their liberal internationalist policies as if to protect themselves from what appears to be an affront to dignity but I think they are lying. They bought into this same rhetoric post 911 and I am not going to let them hide from it anymore than Republicans can hide from the notion that Theocracy is only Theocracy except when it isn’t.

God bless a pesky “Theocratic” Arab in “Democratic” clothing!

What Governor Perry failed to state in plain language is that Social Sceuirty is a Social Insurance program. And if your going to call a spade a spade, he should have properly called our current system a Tontine Scheme, rather than a Ponzi Scheme.

Now I for one, am not ignorant of the fact that both schemes are called defunct and that both are supposedly outlawed. What I see, is a cultural lottery with religion and naturalism at it’s center. The scheme is to be on the crest of the wave of Progress and to reap the benefits, both material and immaterial. The scheme steps in when the wave has passed and people are left wondering what all the fuss was about and waiting to ride a wave that never shows up.

I don’t care for Rick Perry but viewing him is a window on a segment of the culture that has held onto such views and who defacto comprise the base of a quasi Theocratic America. They buy into the scheme and then have the kahunas to get pissed and form groups like the Tea Party when not everyone gets a slice of the pie. Communism is another word for it. But here is a link for more on Tontine Schemes.

I realize it may seem crass to not pen someting more poetic, more empathetic, about the 911 tragedy. To reduce it to a matter of Gendered Discourse may seem cold. But to me, it was a matter of American Theocracy against Democracy, at home, long before 911 happened. So the first time I saw the people jumping from the building as this man did (photo five of twenty five) one thing and one thing only went thru my mind. Can’t you See by the Marshall Tucker Band.  What that gendered discourse has done to all of us Muslim, Jew and Christian.

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