The Plus Sized Woman and Fall Fashion Week 2011

It’s that time of year again…time to start shifting your closets and dresser drawers, taking what you no longer wear or never wore over to the consignment shoppe and looking for new inspiration. The look showcased by msnbc has a Science Fiction feel for both men and women. I saw more designs that screamed Star Trek than I was prepared for. Oddly, for the first time in what seems a very long time, I enjoyed the sentiments and the clothes. Perhaps it’s because I finally found Star Trek Voyager and have been slowly making my way thru the various seasons of the show that never seemed to air on a regular basis, or that I have seen and almost memorized all of ST Deep Space Nine. Whatever it is, I liked seeing something so very different this year. A number of designers showcased are from Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

But on to ‘Big’ and ‘Bigger’ issues…

American Apparel ran a contest searching for the next ‘Big’ thing and found it apparently. In this case a new fresh face for the plus sized model. A young 24 year old with some attitude thought their choice of adjectives left something to be desired and with a little help, staged a very artistic and even lovely artistic spread of photos that won the popular vote but failed to capture the admiration of the judges. I think the photos are hilarious and make an awesome statement! Whether drinking Hershey’s chocolate, swimming seductively in Ranch Dressing or staring doe eyed with a piece of chicken between her pink lips, Nancy Upton may be denied the crown but she won a battle. Being a fan of words and language, I appreciate a well turned phrase or description. I think she did the only thing that any sane woman could have done if the heart of the matter demanded that she not buy into the ratings game of Art.

Long Live Postmodernism or depending on your point of view, an appreciation for the Rubenesque woman!


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