Morals and Values confront the dualistic dichotomy of Republican Democracy: Wall Street Protests given short shrift as a result.

I have been looking for news on the Occupy Wall Street Protests and have come up almost empty handed. Until I went looking for it. I really do have to say that the mainstream and alternative media is not covering this protest. The best that they can do, is attempt to gage the public’s reaction to their own misreporting of facts and news headlines by suggesting that the protestors have no focus or are mired in consensus. While this may be true of some of the people participating I doubt that it is true for all the protestors. I remain surprised that Tea Partiers are not calling the protestors discourse a form of outright cultural homosexuality but it seems that this is implied by the suggestion that the protests are chaotic and unfocused.

There are two web pages devoted strictly to the protests We are the 99% and Occupy WallStreet.org

Russia Today proclaims that the protests were inspired by the Arab Spring and has a smatttering of video’s tht have been uploaded to YouTube. I personally am not getting wound up by this as the video’s are primarily of protestors being pepper sprayed and I don’t think that attempting to dialogue with the law enforcement present at the protests is in anyway advisable.

Think Progress actually offers up some news with a scinilating factoid from the IMF that 64 million people were plunged into poverty thanks to the 2008 crash. One wonders however, why they did not offer up American statistics in their article. Fear of Overkill or an attempt to bypass the same economic pardigm/gendered discourse that  Russia Today brought up with the Arab Spring? After all, the left does need American populism to be solidly Republican in order to justify it’s psychology and positivist moral imperative….

MSNBC and The New York Times are both attempting to portray the protests as would be leaderless thuggery, mired in consensus or Woodstock on a rainyday.

Some intellectuals are keeping tabs on the situation as evidenced by their contributions to the official protest websites listed above.

I will keep digging up news and will attempt to remain informed about what is really going on. You may check back here for updates.



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