Protestors for Occupy Wall Street use the venue to hand out resumes

Contrary to what many or some may think, the protest venue may herald a new way to network. This story from MSNBC highlights just one example of a young man who happened to end up in New York on the second day of the protests and decided to stick around. he’s been there ever since and is handing out his resume when appropriate. It made me think more about a class I am taking on social media marketing and how if you don’t define your brand, your message gets scrambled. The problem I see with the protestors defining their brand and with the media’s attempt to assist the public in defining the protestors are two fold. The media and perhaps some of the groups involved with the protests now that unions and other traditional left leaning organizations have gotten involved is that they are working with an inherently flawed discourse. The protestors themselves typify the issue of reflexivity but is reflexivity really the post modern predicament as many academics would have us believe? A man highlighted in this article is from Jerusalem and brought up the protests there about the Israeli response to the growth of big government in their country. He suggested that the movement should become more populist which was not what I wanted to hear, due to how I think that the GOP would and will respond. Leftist populism is part of the global discourse that fanned the flames of 911, not to mention the Tea Party, and I can’t tolerate much more GOP bickering about the ideal of small government while their cultural shock troops militantly caricature Islam. It’s almost impossible to tell who the cultural theocrats are and which religion they are hiding behind this month or election cycle.


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