We Are the 53% (who pay our taxes)?

I can only assume that paying taxes is still a big deal post Tea Party in some corners and a so called conservative blog has opened up entitled We Are the 53% in response to the OWS movement. I like their message really with the exception of the tax structure discussed by the Washington Post link above, and I am probably closer to being like them than I am to being like the Occupy crowd. But I think they and most of the media are missing the point that there is still a big debate about the role and nature of Democracy. If Occupy represents a more participatory or direct Democratic discourse and ideology, and the 53% represent the system of Representative Democracy we already have in place, it becomes less easy to dismiss Occupy as a bunch of hooligans out for socialist domination. This rhetoric, if this is indeed what it is, has been REPEATEDLY playing over the past TEN YEARS since JUST BEFORE 911. I for one loved it and wore it out years ago. That is why I am closer to the 53% now. But I still see them as bigoted and closed minded to a small degree. How to open up a real public dialogue is a bigger question as far as I am concerned.


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