I found out today, Oct 20th, that the woman who fired me from my job with the Marriott on Nov 17th, 2007 was herself fired back in June from the Marriott for STEALING employee tips and coming to work blown out on prescritption pills. My firing led me to drop out of University for FOUR years, led to me being diagnosed as Bi-polar, a probelm I didn’t previously have, and living on the public dole receiving rental assistance (I pay zero rent right now), a utility allowance of $68.00 a month, and Food Stamps. Talk about a decline in living standards and the stress of being so far away from the quality of life I was raised in, practically torn away from my social class and having to live hand to mouth! It’s been rough I admit and because I know how rough it can now be and that others DO have it worse than I do, I don’t wish any negatives toward the boss who fired me. Apparently she has enough karma of her own to deal with. But I must say:


I want to say it again…

I AM ….. justified.


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