The Doctor and Religion

I’ve been surfing YouTube watching and looking for Dr. Who clips and to be honest, I think I remember finding better ones a few years ago when I had my blog over at TypePad. I don’t know why I don’t just watch my Dr. Who DVD’s instead of scouring You Tube for clips to share! but for some reason I went looking for the Doctor, Tennant to be precise but found a great one of Matt Smith talking to the Tardis that I loved. It seemed to suggest that the Tardis was a conscious being in its own right and that it abducted the Doctor, even as he ‘liberated’ her…

And here’s another clip from The Satan Pit in season 2 with the dashing Mr. Tennant

I loved this one because it gave me perspective about how I am viewing my current state of spiritual affairs. Some psycho attempted to harass me thru Facebook today. I had posted an article about the ‘Personhood’ vote going on next door in Mississippi. I brought up the fact that the bill gives ‘rights’ to cloned embryos and enters the realm of science fiction and literary theory and also said that I didn’t support it. Not long after posting it, I received a reply from a stranger I didn’t know, who was rude in how he differed but I was polite and said that I could agree to disagree with anyone. He went on later to practically accuse me of being a baby killer since I seemed so ‘keen’ on the topic. I changed my privacy settings in response and told him I would report him if he attempted to harass me further. I had a good friend and a roommate who said she had a truly guilty conscience because she had used abortion like birth control (my words and POV) but I never pressed her to say or express more about this than she offered up on her own, because I didn’t want to make the damage she’d already done to herself worse. But to have a random stranger speak to me like a child and with apparent randomness mangle a thought into ‘aren’t babies 100% unemployed?” was just freakish and totally unwelcome.

I also got a chance to get a dig in over at the Washington Post in one of the articles about Mitt Romney’s faith representing a barrier to the millennial generations vote. After listening to someone state the facts as he understood them and as I also heard them to be about the Mormon faith’s contents, I had to quip “Can’t I just watch my Dr. Who and ponder the archetypal mysteries of his many incarnations without being burdened by religion?” I also am referring to mainsteam Christians who give any minority faith a hard time. At best and worst, they lump minority groups in with Freemasons and somehow make the leap to the growth of secularism as an attack on their revelaed faith. Personally, I like the Doctor as a fictional character, but I am not about to start worshipping Judas just because the Mormons have made a conspiracy cult of him. If anyone wants to elevate him to a God, I would also refer them too Anne Rices Lestat. I am a fan of hers too, but a personal ethic, however fictionally derived, is a literary issue and not a religious one.


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