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The latest in Protest Video

It may just be the former cheerleader in me, but I appreciate a good chant. I know that for many people currently protesting with Occupy Wall Street, someone with my social background would be considered unwelcome even if economically I qualify as unreservedly poor. But I liked this chant at the end of this video because it’s catchy and easy to remember.

This one is about what we have to be Thankful for and is making a mountain out of the UC Davis pepper spraying incident. I think the cops were wrong and even knowing the context of the encounter, with the protestors sitting down, arms locked together chanting “From Davis to Greece, F*&^ the Police!” I still don’t think the cops should have reacted. I realize that this is a Herculean task to ask from mere mortal men but I think it’s why the officers have been suspended and that this may be enough of a correction to set them straight.

The following is one on Black Friday and consummerism. It’s pretty poignant and I for one buy into this view.

This is one set to the tune of God Bless America and I totally agree with it’s satire.

This one is just awesome to me for it’s technological aspect and I am surprised that it hasn’t gotten more press.

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