News from Europe: The English CAN be Racist

I am NOT going to post the original tram rant on my blog but here is the link to the original MSNBC article.

Not only does the woman disgrace herself and make the average working class English look god awful, she does it in front of her child, with no apparent thought for what her child is absorbing from her. Her accent only makes it worse. You can watch the boy’s face and see that he knows something is wrong. My heart broke for that child watching his mother make an absolute ass of herself.  I couldn’t watch the entire You Tube clip because it upset me so.

I am posting a black Englishwoman’s response to the hidden video taken of the offender.

Not only does she speak English with far more class, her attitude is closer to the kinds of English values I got from My English grandmother. My mother and her sibilings would be quick to remind me that Nana had her faults. And she did. But I didn’t see any outright racism on her part. Ever. My grandmother was a War Bride from Yorkshire, and yes, I know, they also have an accent. Nana lost much of hers and even though my friends could always hear something foreign in her voice, I didn’t. And I THANK GOD I didn’t grow up speaking “Southern.” For all the things said and postured about when it comes to people from rural areas, in my experience, having grown up in rural areas and migrated to urban ones, it is primarily the people of rural areas that hold countries and nations together. When they ‘do’ get around to progressive social and moral politics, they often end up changing the discourse and once settled into that change, they hold on to it and put their money where their mouth is. The American South is far more hospitable to people of all races and still is, despite the so-called resurrection of Jim Crow laws in my own Alabama. And on that subject, albeit briefly, all my non white family immigrated legally. I didn’t think of them as non white until liberals taught me too. But for what it is worth, I think if you didn’t get here legally, then go home and wait your turn.

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