Satire on the English Working Class

The post below about a working class English mother going off on a rant about immigration prompted a conversation with one of my favorite neighbors, Frances Marion Gezelmann. Frances is my stand in Nana figure since my own grandmother has passed on. She’s quite a bird. She was an Army base commanders wife for 30 years. However, Frances is also a relative of ‘Swamp Fox Marion’ from the Revolutionary War and has an interesting family far more upper crust than mine. At any rate, I brought up the working woman’s tram rant and she reminded me that the old cartoon Andy Capp was originally a satire on the English working class; always on the dole, heading down to the pub for a pint, while his wife brings in what meager wages she can.

If I would have thought about it, I could have written a much better piece if I had included this cartoon with the post below and taken more time to compose it. But since it’s an after thought I will include it here, without fan fare or commentary on the English Literary tradition that gets its bread and butter from lampooning the working class at every turn.


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