Art, Massage

Limitless Imagination.

I was trolling pintrest for the latest things to make me feel financially inadequate, when some brilliant soul posted this:

Wow. Just. Look. At. It.

It’s made from Amethyst and all the fixtures are Real Gold. Poor as I am, yes, I can imagine the bath that I would have in this tub. I might not be able to imagine the room the tub is in, but the bath itself is no problem. I can imagine cleaning the tub with more care than I give my transportation! Of all the high end Spas I have personally been in as a Massage and Spa Therapist, none has anything to rival this. But I think people would pay to take a bath in it.  The only place I can imagine having a tub like this that guests could use by appointment would be in Dubai. No matter how high end, five stars or no, no Spas I can think of in either the States or in Europe, would have the money to drop on such an ammenity.

What amzaes me is it’s thickness.

It’s color.

It’s texture.

I want to touch it and see how smooth it is or isn’t.

It’s too sleek to be truly decadent in design but the gold base takes it there. If it had been silver, I would have liked it better. As I looked at it a third and fourth time, I wondered if there was a photo trick I was missing when I looked at it’s narrow bottom. If I had not visited the website for the tub, I could have believed it was actually a candy dish, photoshopped to look bigger.  I think what gets me most about this tub, is my own lack of imagination. Prior to seeing it, I would never have thought such a thing was possible. One, that there could be a chunk of semi precious gemstone big enough to make it from, or that there was a viable way to fit smaller stone together to create it. The gold base is nothing by comparison and doesn’t impress me at all. It’s the stone itself. Colored tubs aren’t new but perhaps semi transparent tubs are? Mabey semi transparent tubs will hit the market soon. I remember when I first saw a sink basin sitting on top of a table, in colored glass. I thought it was lovely! But a tub? No. My imagination is smaller than I thought, and this rankled me. There is a time and place to have an open mind and a time and place to reserve your mental powers and I think that a healthy balance between both makes for the best creativity. But wow! It is lovely when something opens you up to a view not considered or to places unexplored. Not only are you offered a glimpse of something just beyond the doors of your perception, you also find yourself confronted with a vision of beauty and design before you that truly takes you to another world.

And this tub does just that.


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