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I asked and Yahoo answered: Litotes

I’m not an English major. I am not even an English lit minor. So I have had no idea for the past several years what in the world people were doing when they did this. If I got the correct definition from yahoo answers my usage of it just now is incorrect for what it’s worth. But for the past several years, I thought doing this, was nothing more than a seemingly random occurence designed only to make the writer and reader feel as if they were in touch with the writing process as it used to be before the digital age began or simply to let the reader know what the writer’s inital train of thought was. I thought it was a quaint romanticized affectation. I had no idea the literary world was so…..snobbish frankly.

I still don’t know if I got the right answer from Yahoo’s panel of contributors so will you dear reader enlighten me? Is this a blogging method ment to convey humourous understatement known as Litotes? Or is it simply a way to let the reader know the authors original intent?

How do you use the strike though key?

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