45 Simple Actions to Start Losing Weight

Here is a post from Daily Health Boost, which is a new blog I just love. The posts are usually inspirational and focused on Health and Wellness. I am trying to loose weight right now and this post really inspired me. I hope you enjoy it!

Daily Health Boost

Today’s Inspiration: Tradingpounds.com

“These 45 tips are quite useful for everyone who tries to lose some weight or just tries to eat healthier. The author has lost lots of weight and is so inspiring! The principle of losing weight is quite simple, eating less and exercising more. But it is not that easy, here are some relatively easy tricks that will help you.”

45 Simple Actions to Start Losing Weight

As of this past Sunday, I have lost 107.6 pounds. I can honestly say to you that it has not been difficult. I know it is because I have not felt deprived and I don’t deny myself whatever I want to have (it’s not just about eating salads!). How am I doing all of this? By making small shifts in my habits and small changes to my routine. The kind of things that will last a lifetime.

I didn’t…

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