I found a gem of a treat for you today from The First of Nine Tensegrity blog. For Massage Therapists these are just great and the graphics are wonderful! Enjoy.

First of Nine: Tensegrity Blog

Welcome to the tablet generation, dear folks. The iPad 2 is pretty much the most amazing gizmo to plop out of Cupertino, since the Apple Macintosh. The iPad is infusing itself into education… From music, to algebra, to medical. With rooms full of iOS based tablets, we’re seeing test scores rise and students staying on task, providing a level of interactivity, focus and creativity recently misplaced in this over-medicated, ADHD culture.

The interactivity, the tactility, the versatility and innovation of immersing oneself into a stream of learning through playing with an iPad 2 has been a pure pleasure. My somatic mind soaks in information at a vastly different level with this style of self-paced learning. Plus, it’s a completely different, wonderfully ergonomic way of creating content.

I still use Information Architect’s brilliantly minimalistic word processor, iA Writer to compose every blog entry of First of Nine. The on-screen keyboard slows…

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