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Color Therapy Products and using color at home

I have had so many hits for color therapy products on my blog that I decided to showcase some and provide a few ideas about how to indulge in color therapy at home. The sad part is, that all but one of these products is for sale only in the UK and not the US and I couldn’t find anything from Germany either! I remember that 12 years ago, Pevonia Botanica had a line of color bath products but they have been discontinued. The closet I could find to a colored bath for sale in the US were bath bombs from ME Baths and so I have come up with a few ideas for using color at home that those of us in the US can try.

First up is The Chakra Company.


They have a line of colored baths that unfortunately are not for sale in the US. You can however, purchase their chakra essential oil blends. I am really shocked by this. I would have thought there would be more than one product line of colored baths to choose from but even in the UK the Chakra Company is the only supplier. If you happen to know of one please post it in the comments section, especially if it’s for sale in the US. Not only does The Chakra Company have liquid color bath product they also have single use powdered color baths.

Next up are colored glasses and these you can purchase in the US.

Color has a variety of styles to choose from if wearing colored glasses is your thing. They also recommend this website to learn more about the uses of color therapy and this site to learn more about the benefits of color therapy. I found several pairs while I lived in Florida and my favorite are a Miller Pink.

Color Light Boxes are also used in color therapy but shouldn’t be confused with lights used in the treatment of SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. Of the light boxes I found all were available for purchase in the UK, but I found none from American sources. I wish light boxes were more cost friendly but it seems that you are looking at an investment of about $400 to $600 dollars US.

This hand-held model seems to be very interesting but again it’s from the Bioptron in the UK and as their electrical output is different to that used in the States, you would need a converter to be able to use it in the US. Again, about $600 to $800 dollars US.

This faucet from Hog Wild at changes color from Blue to Red to Green. Far more affordable and available in the States.

When it comes to using color at home I have three simple ideas I think you’ll love that wont break your bank account. I am a book-worm so this idea appeals to me greatly. Organize your book shelves by color and see what happens when your eyes get to feast on such a kaleidoscope!

Another idea would be to purchase a colored light bulb like this one from This model comes with a remote to change the color and fits into a standard light socket. I just purchased one myself for fun at home and it was less than $20.00 new but I found I could have gotten a new one for less than $10.00 if I had looked around more on Amazon’s website.

And finally, if you believe in the extension of the concept that light vibrates at certain speeds, you can always purchase colored bottles such as this one below and fill them with water and then drink that water as an addendum to your daily water intake.

I have not tried using food coloring to tint my bath water as my concern is that it would stain my body and my tub. I have read a few articles that recommend a natural based plant dye to use instead but I haven’t turned up many suppliers for them and I think there would be the same problem of dyeing both body and tub if these were used. The San Francisco Salt Company has colored bath salts but I have no idea if they will tint your bath water or not.

I hope these ideas and suggestions for products brighten your day!

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