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Massage Therapists protest Lifetime’s The Client List Update

For several weeks, Professional Massage Therapists have been organizing to protest Lifetime Network’s upcoming show The Client List. We need more people who believe in the healing effects of massage therapy who are real clients to stand with us and sign the petition to pull the show from circulation. The AMTA has put out an official statement asking the network to consider the damage they will be doing to a legitimate Profession and according to at least one member of the Facebook group Massage Therapists Against The Client List, all the heat and negative press may be beginning to work.

Two petitions are circulating on the internet. One is with Care2 petitions and the other with Change.org. Both are calling for the show to be pulled from circulation and not broadcast. To begin with, I thought I might watch the show anyway, but at least one trailer I have seen left me so physically ill after viewing it that I honestly don’t think I will be able to watch the show at all. Jennifer Love Hewitt is in the lead role, playing a Massage Therapists who sells sex in a brothel that the show upgrades into a spa. In the clip I am speaking of, she begins massaging the buttocks of a client while they are uncovered. The scene flips back to the client’s face while lying on the table and I had to turn the video off, as I couldn’t make it thru the rest of the clip.

I graduated from Massage School in 1998 and I loved my job. The fact that I am an undergraduate student now in no way implies that I will be leaving the Profession of Massage Therapy after graduation. I do plan on looking for work in the greater Spa Industry and I plan to maintain my National Certification as well. The Client List is a slap in the face to every honest and ethical massage practitioner in the name of sensationalism. That the lead actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt can sit in front of the camera giggling while claiming she is telling a story about the lives of real women while mocking the very real efforts of women and men who fight daily to distance our Profession from sex and sex workers is just plain wrong and insulting. It’s not that Lifetime doesn’t have a real story on their hands but they have chosen to dismiss the real issues encountered by people who live the lives of real Massage Therapists and those sex workers who impersonate them, in favor of ratings. It’s a form of identity theft and liable they should be talking about. Not sex. I plan in the future to write an open letter to Lifetime Network about other options they could use to generate story lines that won’t involve such a blatant abuse of my Professional ethics. I don’t expect the show to be pulled at all but I can generate ideas that would limit the negative impact of the show. If you dear reader have any suggestions please feel free to comment.

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