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Spa Product Line Spotlight: Kerstin Florian

Here is a post for all you product obsessed junkies out there across the web! A good product line is the backbone of any Spa and I wanted to showcase some of the better offerings available in fine spas. I worked with Kerstin Florian at the Tampa Marriott Waterside in Tampa Florida ten years ago. Time has passed but the quality of the product has not dimmed with time. My favorite Kerstin Florian product was their Melissa Bath and chamomile scrub. My favorite Kur was Moor Mud and they have a solid skin care line utilizing essential oils. They have added to their menu since I worked with them but they still work with the Kur formula as a basis and inspiration for their offerings.Kerstin Florian emphasizes four key points of their Outer Beauty, Inner Health philosophy that consumers can integrate into their daily lives and routines:

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Regular Exercise
  • Peace of Mind
  • Care of the Face & Body


 A new offering from Kerstin Florian is this Turkish Eucalyptus body scrub pictured above. Sounds invigorating to me and eucalyptus is a good choice to go with salt.

 Step one of the Moor Mud Spa Kur is a good exfoliating body scrub and I believe that this is the one that starts us off.

This is the Moor Mud mask. The Moor Mud Kur also uses the same mud and yes, it’s black! The Kur that is chosen determines what kind of scrub, wrap and bath will accompany it.

Therapeutic Mineral Bath salts complete the Moor Mud Kur and make for heavenly relaxation.

Some of the baths Kerstin Florian offers like this Eucalyptus featured above would include the Melissa bath I mentioned earlier.

 Kerstin Florian has a strong philosophy rooted in the concept of a Kur, or program of treatment, often called a Cure in it’s native Germany. The 10 to 20 step process arose in Germany in various Spa towns and has been popularized by their medical system and State, which often pays to send citizens to various Spas for the purpose of having a Kur. Quite different from the U.S.! Most Spas offer scaled down versions of a Kur but the vast majority don’t call them that. Kur is a valuable concept that has stood the test of time in Europe and the ritual premise that accompanies it’s name implies a division between Spas devoted to luxury and those devoted to Wellness. I think this distinction will become even more apparent as we move into the early 21st century and that this concept has the potential to influence how we in the Spa world think of Medical Tourism.

For more on the Kerstin Florian vision of Spa and Wellness watch this short video below. Enjoy!


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