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Professional Spa Product Line Spotlight: Sothys

Sothys was the name the Ancient Egyptians gave to the brightest star in the sky;

she symbolized to them eternal beauty.
During a heavenly night, Saturn met the young star Sothys

– even Venus never seemed so beautiful.

Their meeting was astonishing and Saturn was overwhelmed with passion for her;

this threw the regular rhythm of the stars into confusion.
Venus could not bear the fact she was not anymore the most beautiful star in the sky.

She took her revenge and Sothys fell into the dark of the night and disappeared.
Saturn cried over forty days and forty nights and flooded the Earth.
During centuries, the world heard nothing about Sothys until the day when…
Sothys reappeared to deliver her secret to the Earth :

she dedicated herself to women in order to preserve their beauty and happiness.

As a tribute, Men venerated her as a Goddess.

One of Sothy’s newest innovations is the warm stone aromatic massage. There is a great video that covers the background of the treatment and you will find it below. My personal favorite Sothy’s treatment when I worked with their product line was their signature aromatherapy offering circa 2005. Shea butter and essential oils of a relaxing or stimulating nature were chosen by the guest. From the standpoint of a Massage Therapist working with their products, I loved their packaging. It struck a nostalgic chord with me for some reason. Shea Butter came packaged in a glass tube and ampoules of essential oils that reminded me strongly of the medical side of esthetics were the two ingredients therapists were required to prepare. The ampoules were made of glass and you had to break open the top, as if it were a vial of medicine waiting to be injected into a patient. This system guaranteed the purity and freshness of the essential oils used and made for a wonderful olfactory experience both for myself and the guest!



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