Well, it’s happening. The Spring semester is almost over and I already have a case of senioritis. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a combination of weather, the end of the semester and a strong desire to finish my degree. Senioritis is characterized by a persistent lack of motivation, daydreaming, a disinterest in classes and even some extracurricular activities. Its most commonly seen in high school seniors but often diagnosed by college professors as well. There is no quick cure for senioritis but it is often deadly for the aspiring graduate.

I have one class where the attendance policy has been done away with and I didn’t go to that class at all this week! The professor most likely wont be making that mistake again and it seems that since all tests are done on computers from home that the class will become an internet only class in the future. I will go the last day just to make sure I know when the deadline for the final is but beyond that I am already done with the class.

Senioritis almost dealt me a blow though with my Math class. The closer the end of the semester got, the more I slacked off on my Math and now I have found that I have one more test before the final and I am woefully underprepared for it. Time to make a beeline to a study group and I almost have that lined up so I can still make the Deans List this term. Senioritis is a tricky aliment. It promises deliverance but of the daydreaming kind if you aren’t careful. It’s like a drug. The prospect of freedom and accomplishment is tangible but only half-baked. The smell of a diploma and the crisp white paper with beautifully printed ink is almost within your grasp. And the spring weather is so inviting that you yearn to be out and about seeking that first job under the auspices that only that piece of paper can provide. Like I said, a tangible smell in the air but ephemeral all the same.

I still have three semesters to go if I count this one that is almost but not quite done. I have two comprehensive finals and two more that are topic specific. I have financial aid issues to deal with since my Pell Grant money has run out one semester shy of graduation. I do have worries is what I mean to say and I can’t afford to slack off now. So in a strange way, my worries are allowing me to push thru the worst of my senioritis and hopefully I will emerge stronger after this semester is done.

How about you? Has spring sprung where you are or is it just another turn of the calendar’s wheel?


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