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I landed an Internship!

I am tickled pink to report that I have gotten an internship with the Shoals area Chamber of Commerce. You can view the website here. It is full of great information about the area complete with maps and historical information about the Shoals, in addition to social media options and a searchable job bank. My readers may recall that in the fall of 2011 my social media class did a social media audit for the chamber and I think this helped me secure the position.Anyway I am thrilled since the whole point of me choosing not to graduate this summer was so that I could do an internship and to be honest I had given up hope of finding one.

I start the internship on Monday, which is also my Dad’s birthday so it seems like good mojo to me. I even was allowed to pick my own schedule. I chose not to do the internship for course credit since it is unpaid but the experience is what I think will make it valuable. I really think I will learn a lot and I am excited. Most of my work history for the past thirteen years has been taken up with spa work and this will be a wonderful opportunity to broaden my horizons. In addition to working with small business I will also be working with larger companies that have more in common with the corporate structure of Marriott International that I grew accustomed too in the first few years of my massage career. So this is going to be great in no uncertain terms!

Wish me luck!

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