I usually dont do personal posts if they aren’t upbeat and positive but I am going to break that rule today. My car is almost dead. This is not the first time it’s happened and I will most likely be carless very soon. This is going to mean that I have to pay a seven dollar cab fare to get to work and seven dollars to get home. For what I will pay per week in cab fare, I could get into a new economy car if my credit were in better shape but it’s in shambles so that isn’t an option. I will also have to ask my mother to drive the 45 minutes here to take me to the grocery store once a month and that will create friction between my sister and I who also currently needs her to watch my nephew Julian this summer. I refuse to compete for time with my nephew because its not a real choice for my mother. I just hope she wont back out on me. My eating options will be reduced to junk food if we can’t work something out. Whats more, I needed to save money for this falls living expenses when the fall and my final semester in school starts and this will really cramp those plans but I can’t do anything other than take a cab to work. At least I have a job for the time being and enough money to get to work this week. I’ve been without a job for so long that I can’t let this one go but I will have to give up Volunteering at the Chamber of Commerce.


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