Loch Ness Monster used to teach Creationist Science

It’s official in some parts of the world that the Loch Ness Monster not only exists but that it is evidence that man and dinosaurs existed on the earth at the same time. Accelerated Christian Education text books hot off the book presses suggest that the Loch Ness monster is real. A battle is brewing on both sides of the Atlantic about creationism in education. The articles are pouring in about this travesty so you don’t have to take my word for it. Have a gander at this article from Wonkette. Or this one from the Herald Scotland. Or this one from a local Gulf Coast blogger. They are all hysterical put down of the Accelerated Christian Education system that produces the offending text books.

Now bullying isn’t right but this isn’t about bullying. This is about non existent science being passed off as education. This borders on the criminal in a secular society which is yet another argument that ACE would in theory take issue with. I went to a private Christian school for two years when I was in the fifth and sixth grade and we used the just as offensive Abeka books. Their Math programs were great and were ahead of the math then being taught in public schools for the same grade levels but there were other issues with the cirriculum. Once my mother picked up a job in public education, I stopped attending the private school and it seems that I remain untainted by the brief exposure to Christian education.

I’ve previously done a short article on what Creationists call “Teach the Controversy” so I wont repeat myself here. But be warned! When you come across that phrase in your online reading or in person, you are dealing with people who aren’t scientifically literate and they are usually proud of the fact. Here are samples of the T-shirt campaign used to criticize their view.

Personally, the only thing I don’t like about the T-shirt rebuttals which I think tend to be good spot on criticism, but I find that so many in the hard line scientific community refuse to allow some of these ideas to have currency as a form of literature and literary history. Genre is important and so is culture. What I think the opponents of creationism  find offensive in treating some of these ideas as a form of modern romanticism is that they want to connect them all with Social Darwinism of various sorts and while that may be a legitimate argument, fantasy and fiction and myth should have their place as just what they are: fantasy, fiction and myth.  As long as that is respected, I have no problem pointing out the flaws in creationist attempts at subverting the scientific paradigm.


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