A taste of the life to come

Despite a few setbacks with my car, I still have transportation and I still have my part time temporary job. I am finding that I am getting on a first name basis with a small select group of clients for Global Fire and that being a collections assistant is not bad. I am primarily interacting with accounts payable to get past due invoices paid, so there is not a lot of nagging delinquent deadbeats about their bills. Some people return my calls and some don’t. I don’t like sitting at a desk all day but I can live with it to keep my car for the time being.

New discussions about the future of massage in the age of universal coverage are bubbling to the surface on Linked In. The only issue I have is with a focus that is more concerned with doctors than massage therapists. I don’t see the point in spending too much time and energy on worrying if we will be included in insurance payments under Obamacare and I don’t care to have the Health Care Act repealed. There are intersecting narratives about how massage is an ‘alternative’ health care practice that has roots in limited government regulation which is just another aspect of the Tea Party madness and I am not thrilled about having my own views about the place of health care and the culture of massage trampled on by groups as different in scope and practice as the NCB and the FSMTB. And for what it is worth, I have to make a conscious effort not to tar the FSMTB with the Tea Party brush. I don’t see the NCB as buying into the narrative that they were using their position to impose “government style regulation” on massage therapists which is the narrative that gave rise to the FSMTB. To me there is no comparison and this narrative is just another example of extremism in massage today.  Opinions across the health care aisle regarding massage are strong and politics is rampant but 9 times out of 10 these political impulses are covered up by the claim that it’s just culture and I think that is a cop out. This is annoying but par for the course. I’ve developed a trait over the past few years of being almost foolhardy in going for the written jugular when some topics come up and that isn’t winning me friends but I have been seeding ideas lately and I hope that they find fertile soil.

I am two to three weeks away from having the summer semester over and done with and I am looking forward to the fall semester and graduation! I will have my capstone class this fall so I am trying to get a better sense of what I want to put into it and I had hoped for more open and forthright discussion on Linked In than I am currently having. The project will involve the promotion of a wellness platform that integrates Spa with existing models of overall wellness but I am hitting a wall of sorts in my thinking and I am not getting anywhere listening to massage therapists complain about the implementation of modern medical models and the prospect of universal coverage. I will have to devise a way to bring up a different kind of conversation about what I plan to do with my project when it is closer to time to begin it and hope for some thoughtful conversation with others.

Thats all for now! Hope everyone is having a great week.


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