Smells of Summer and Fall: How to make your home smell fabulous!

The summer is here and of course the smells of summer are everywhere. Fresh cut grass, coconut oils and tanning fragrances, flower perfumes, the list just goes on and on. I found a great recipe for home fragrance deodorizer that I tried this week that is from Williams and Sonoma. It’s simple in its ingredients and very effective so of course I decided to share.

Get a large pot, preferably one to make soup in and fill one half to two thirds full of water. You will need to add more water as the day progresses so don’t over fill! Take a large lemon and slice. Add to the water. If you only have small lemons then use two.

Add fresh Rosemary to your lemon water and then add two or three tablespoons of Vanilla flavoring. Bring the mixture to a rolling boil and then reduce heat to simmer.

You will need to add water and a little vanilla as the day progresses, so don’t overfill! The mixture can be added to, and is good for no more than two days before it looses it’s punch.

This is the recipe for the store fragrance that Williams and Sonoma uses according to a pin from Pintrest. I tried it out myself and it really is lovely. I did add water and some more vanilla as the day wore on.  It really is a soothing and calming smell. I can definitely see myself using this during the holidays. Enjoy!


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