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My temp job is now permanent and other things to be grateful for

It’s official: I have a job again.

It’s sad to say but only in this economy can a soon to be middle aged woman get excited about a part time job that will only provide less than 100.00 a week, but hey – I at least will be able to pay for my necessities, like rent (I live in public housing so I qualify for reduced rent and SNAP), car and car insurance. The best part though is that since I will also be a full time student this fall, I will be getting off work at 5 p,m. so I will still have time to study. I think it works out that I will work from 1 to 5 three days a week.

Regular readers of my blog know I have been struggling with unemployment since 2009, that it’s been a rough row to hoe and that various aspects of my life have suffered greatly. I think I am more relaxed tonight than I have been in YEARS and I can’t tell you how peaceful I feel as a consequence of all this. What made it even better was that the post man delivered three books I had ordered separately to my front door rather than making me take three separate trips to the post office to retrieve them. That is three things to be grateful for! My world was so reduced in size while I was unemployed, sometimes it was impossible to count three things for which to be grateful.

Whats more, I am getting to use a side of myself that I have often neglected in my current job. I get to bring out the hustle so to speak, by rounding up all the past due invoices and working with clients and accounts payable to get these invoices cleared off the books. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfectly designed job that will help me land something with greater economic impact after I graduate. I have no management experience but as a collections assistant working with accounting departments I finally get a chance to channel my energy into a situation where I can benchmark my own progress, practice team work and freshen up my people skills which have been sorely neglected while I was unemployed.

The company I work for is a company with a Christian message woven into their mission statement. I would have been horrified by the thought of working for an openly religious company a few years ago. Because I have mixed feelings about Christianity much of the time, it’s a great way to get used to a kind of diversity that is all too often ignored. Being a massage therapist, I tend to have a negative view of people who mix Christianity into their professional work with alternative and complementary health, and when I realized this, I failed at the time to confront just how much I was relying on traditional religious values in making that judgement about others. I am not a practicing Christian and in fact I am a former pagan who is now agnostic for want of a better term and I continue to keep that mostly to myself, especially at work but the few people who know it have been very accepting of my past and I am also discreet enough not to make an issue out of it in the workplace. The fact that no one prostylitizes at work makes sticking to the tasks at hand a matter of course and so far, I have not once felt uncomfortable, even though the music they play on the radio is from the local Christian radio station. My employers are the kind of people who have been there, done that, and they don’t give me the impression that they are judgemental. I hope it stays that way. I am glad to know I have another opportunity to prove and measure myself, to gently be reminded that I too can be judgemental and to self correct, to know that there is a better day coming and to just relax! Knowing that the necessities will be taken care of makes getting the early research done for my capstone class this fall easier to do and I know that once it is done, I will have an easier time this semester. I will be taking three science classes and the capstone is writing intensive so I will need to stay motivated and focused. Right now the future looks bright and I see light at the end of the academic tunnel!

I hope everyone who reads this post has a great day and marvelous week and remembers to think of things they are grateful for. Try writing down three things each day that you are grateful for and do it for one week and I promise you will see positive results all around you after just one week of this exercise. When I was unemployed, I started being grateful for things that were so small, like a fast food burger from the dollar menu, money to dry my clothes after washing them and not having to drip dry them, a chance to get out of the house and ride in a car instead of walking, a real cigarette instead of rolling my own, tobacco to roll a cigarette with, a dollar to spend at the salvation army store. These are the things my world was reduced too while unemployed. It was sometimes impossible to count three things to be grateful for each day while I was unemployed. But I promise, if you can count three things you are grateful for each day, you will be surprised by how much better you’ll feel after one week.

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