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The Vigilante Granny

I have an amazing elderly neighbor who is in her mid to late seventies. She has previously beat cancer at three separate times in her life. But it has come back and she is dying. Today however was a good day for Frances. She spotted something nefarious a day or two ago going down in the parking lot in front of her living room window and still had the presence of mind to make a mental note of who she saw and the vehicle the fool was driving.

Today, the unknowing dupe came back around. And he made the mistake of showing the back of his car to Frances’ living room window. She took down his tag number and called the cops. The cops pulled him over before he even exited the parking lot and impounded his car! If you have never seen justice, I promise you, live next to a woman like Frances and you will!

Frances has a grandson who is fifteen whom she adores. Whenever she gets the chance to send someone to jail for something she imagines endangers the welfare of any child she goes after them whole hog. Her grandson has a half brother (no blood relation to Frances) who went down the tubes because of drugs. You have never seen vengeance until you’ve seen it sitting next to someone who believes they have a justified ax to grind. The fool who drove in the parking lot today had no chance. Period. The vigilante granny was gunning for him and got his number two days ago when he made a deal in the parking lot. Needless to say, I stay on Frances good side or try too anyway. We both watched out the window of her apartment and off her balcony as the cops carted the now wiser fool away.

If you are up to anything illegal, DON”T TRY IT HERE. People here dont’ worry about death even when its staring them in the face. Frances will take any anxiety she might have about her impending demise and channel it into a crusade to bust an ass. She has a list of people she wants thrown out of this building for their abuse of both the public welfare system and for their drug use. And today, she made a dent in their world. Tomorrow she will be talking with the complex manager and informing her who the fool was dealing too. And then she’ll go back to keeping her eyes on the driveway and the parking lot.

Justice is coming. And she may be old, but she’s smart and educated, she’s traveled on four continents and raised her children and divorced a retired army ranger who did three tours in Vietnam and was a base commander.

Be warned, the vigilante granny is hot and ready and the heads may yet roll!

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