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I am very blessed. An open letter to God and the Universe.

I have just had an encounter with Grace.

I was blessed recently because my temporary job of 2 days a week became permanent, even though I wont be able to work more hours. A problem arose when I had to drop from 16 hours a week to twelve to accommodate both my final semester of school and work. My bills were exceeding my take home pay. I managed to scramble and work a few things out with my car loan people who are willing to let me pay forty dollars less a month for three months until my last student loan check comes in October. I went to work and decided to let my supervisor know what was going on, and she put me up for a raise. Then, my mother agreed to buy some basic supplies for me like toilet paper, hair conditioner and my sleep medication. To top it off, an old boyfriend I haven’t seen in over ten years and I connected on facebook a few months ago and when he heard what was going on, he showed up with fifty bucks, plus fifteen dollars in quarters to do my laundry with, my favorite laundry detergent, lighters and cigarettes! I totally remember why I dated him now – wow Universe! God, thank you for blessing me this week. I really am grateful.

I know that to many people I am not religious, nor am I Christian. But in my heart I carry the best of Christianity with me always, even when I am meditating on the merits of pagan gods. Thank you for understanding my journey Lord. Thank you for walking it with me. Thank you for not asking me to give up my reason, my faith, my intellectual pursuits or my life or my principles to be with You. Thank you for understanding my pagan inclinations and the process involved in them and for supporting me. Thank you for my family.

You are still the God that I remember and the God I accepted into my life as a child.




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