Its all common sense

Well, I have had three classes in behavioral modifications and health promotion and so far its all so common sensical, that I feel bored. I am getting the feeling that I should have gone for public health rather than health in a human performance sense and that really bites. I could have altered it if I had thought it thru but its too late now to go back. In some ways, a human performance centered concept of health just reinforces my massage background but I would have had so much more range if I had gone for public health. Public Health at my university is covered under Industrial Hygiene and I had already met with that department a few years back. I should have explored it more fully it seems and now I really regret not having done that.

I am bored with classes and this never bodes well. All I can do is hope they pick up the pace or that I can get comfortable with the rhythm of these two classes again. I am already feeling a bit distracted by a side project I would rather be giving some attention too and I also sort of  jumped the gun on a dinner date I had with an old friend and implied a bit more friendliness than I should have under the circumstances. Yes, the social skills have gotten rusty while I have been unemployed and struggling. But at least I can make different choices.

Tomorrow is another day after all!


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