I have had drama and trauma occur the second week of this month and it was loaded with premonition and horror and fear from 8 years ago. At the time, I thought I was losing my mind. The entire situation is so screwed up that there is almost no right angle in it. My Dad had a business partner who embezzled money from the company they were running and it has ended up a Federal case. The Federal Marshalls picked up my Dad on the 13th and are holding him because some of the investors in that project did not get their money back. Concurrently, my lover and I are seeing other people, and his other flame went down in flames and he thought she was going to hurt herself in  a fit of jealousy. He also had a custody battle with his ex the same day as the Marshalls picked up my Dad and the case was postponed until the 3rd of December.

But other than that, I am good.

My lover and I are doing well and I am very happy with him.

I am going out with a new guy this weekend and he may just be all that and a box of tictacs. But I am going to find out and I think he may be an interesting man worth getting to know.

I haven’t cried about Dad and while I am worried for him, I accept that there is nothing I can do. But Live. And Live I will.




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