The art of the love letter

I have been writing my current lover on a regular basis since we got together. It started out as messages thru Facebook, then migrated to text messaging and email and now I am thinking of moving it into official love letter territory. I need good paper and a good pen. And I need to think in narrative terms about this relationship. It’s casual, but its very much like dating since we see each other frequently.

He is on his way over. I went to the stationery shop today and spent 27.13 on good paper and envelopes suitable for writing things sensual and scandalous on. It may be an epic night.

I hope it is. I am meeting him at the front door in next to nothing. My favorite movie is on, candles are lit, bed is turned down and the steak is ready just the way he likes it. I have gone all out to fulfill a fantasy of his tonight and he is raring to go. I am waiting breathlessly for him to get here.



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