Looking for overseas work as a Massage Therapist

I have started updating my Linked In profile to better accentuate my academic achievements so that I can look for work overseas as a Massage Therapist. I have also begun creating various resumes to use for my curriculum vitae, so that I can better meet the requirements of various job descriptions. Its been too long since I last used my passport to simply renew it, so I am going to have to wait for my tax return to arrive before I can reapply for it. I don’t think it will be a big deal though.

I am looking for work in the Middle East or in Asia right now. As soon as I can create a CV I am fully satisfied with and have begun the application process for my passport, I am going to start reapplying to the big hotel and Resort chains again. That is the devil I know, and when going overseas, I prefer to stick to the mainstream. I don’t want to end up working with a fly by night company that is sketchy.

I am not bilingual, so that and my age may work against me but I am keeping an open mind and will hope for the best! Everyone wish me luck! I have student loans to pay for and the overseas experience may be my ticket to getting the loans paid off in a shorter amount of time.


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