The Job Search Continues

I have good news and so so news. I have an interview with The Cloister on Sea Island in Georgia on April 2nd. The so so news, is that if I am offered the job, it will take at least another months work at Pizza Hut before I will have the money to get my Georgia license, the first months rent on a storage unit for my things and car rental money to get back to Georgia. Pizza Hut is cutting hours and I am not scheduled at all this week. That makes things difficult for me to say the least.

On a happier note, I am waiting for a call tonight from Warren and I hope we may be able to work things out. If I end up relocating to Georgia, it will take some pressure off him about worrying about me being too attached and it will teach me to let go more. I am dying to see him again especially since I may be moving temporarily. I need him and to be with him right now. Here’s hoping we get together later this week!


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