Ismali’s and Assassins

I finally got around to buying a copy of Bernard Lewis’s The Assassins. It ought to be a crime that I didn’t buy this book in 2001. It covers their history from the first rumors of contact with Western crusaders in 1192 with the death of Conrad of Montferrant, and I am just getting settled into the first chapter as I write.

But I have yet MORE books to read and recommend.

Afterwards by Louis Rupchert Jr which is on the perils of Hellenism and the Myth of Decadence as he calls it which ought to be even more interesting considering my view on Nietzsche and coupled with the fact that I also picked up a critique of Nietzsche predicated on the presumed ‘abuse’ of his views in the Third Reich. I am also going to pick up a more scholarly tome on Weimar Germany that deals with ideological history for a more balanced view. The last thing I want to delve into is a mishmash of conflicting views on Christianity at the moment.

I also snagged the latest from Ginette Paris, The Wisdom of Psyche and her old classic on abortion.

I don’t know what you all are reading but these top my list for the time being.

Updates on what is worth it and what isn’t as I plow thru them!



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