Graduate School and Product Reviews

Yes, I know. I haven’t blogged in months and I need to apologize to both myself and to anyone that might bother to read this blog. I’m in Graduate School! Hooray! Wellness and Health Promotion and this semester I am taking research methods, administration issues and human sexuality. Expect me to try and post more about massage, spa and research issues in the coming months.

But on to lighter topics. Product Review Time!

First up: AVEDA Chakra Mist 1, 3 and 6

LOVE the scent of Chakra 1. And in all honesty, this is not a scent I could have made on my own that I am aware of. There are spicy and earthy essential oils out there, but this has a wang to it and it’s awesome.

Chakra 3 is nice but I’ve had issues with this power center and it finally feels like something is working itself out but that is very much about me and where I am in life at this point. It never hurts for a little extra cleansing though so I bought it and like it.

Chakra 6 is another scent I don’t think I could have duplicated. Still spicy as all the mists are, but more subtle than chakra 1.

Aveda has taken academic heat for new age orientalism in the past 10 years specifically and I had to bring this up in my product review on the Aveda website and on the Nordstrom website. I didn’t go there to knock the business or the product but I hope that anyone else interested in their product line will take note and that it might start new kinds of conversation. Think local and act global! I unfortunately never was able to buy any of the personal blend pure fumes Aveda created and I feel let down to know that I missed out! Everything is discontinued now and that is true of a number of fun products across the massage and spa world, including colored baths by Pevonia Botanicals. Win some, loose some. But I do recommend the Chakra mists. Yes, you can easily make your own and my preference is to use organic orange blossom water for any kind of energy or auric cleansing. But the Chakra mists are a nice touch and I am glad to have found them.

Bath and Body Works Essential oil blends and singular notes:

Again, a discontinued product line that you have to search ebay to find. But some of the blends are worth it. For 45 bucks, I picked up two 1 oz bottles of Neroli blended with Safflower Oil and a 1 oz bottle of Orange Ginger also blended with Safflower that had been rolled into one auction lot. I had never been able to justify spending the money for Neroli oil and even with it blended it wasn’t cheap. But for three bottles of 1 oz oils I bit the bullet. Totally worth it. Smells like Orange Blossom perfume and it works great to massage into the temples, rubbed on the wrists, dropped in the bath or added to an oil burner. I did pick up B&B Lavender and Geranium in small bottles and since I normally use B&B diffuser oils now a days for aromatherapy, I can save my essential oils for health and body care issues and treatments. I also picked up their Sweetbay Rose and that is another nice one. I would love to try the Cedarwood Sage but it’s going for a little more than I want to spend when I can mix up something that may approximate it at home. But again, a nice product line I missed out on the first time around.

Homedics Para Spa Paraffin Bath:

Another good deal off ebay. Picked up coconut scented paraffin from massage warehouse and for my purposes, the smaller size of the Para Spa unit is ideal. Big enough that I can dip my rubber bowls into for paraffin wraps done at home and also big enough for my size 7.5 foot should I so desire to use it that way.

Basalt Chakra Symbol Stones:

While the stones are only about 1.5 inches in diameter, they are just fun to have around in my hot stone set. Not all clients want energy work or embrace Eastern religion and philosophy but for those that do have an affinity for it, or for those who don’t mind the presumptions of continental philosophy of orientalism that attaches itself to the modern practices of ancient philosophy and non western religion, they are awesome! All the chakra symbols are engraved on an individual basalt stone, and while they aren’t the Sanskrit symbols, they are the common mandalas.

These products and ideas are what I am tinkering with in between classes and homework. But before I forget,

Charka Lotus shaped candles:

Sold by Wizard Craft on ebay. Each of the chakras, including atman are represented and each candle incorporates small semi precious gem stones. Each corresponding color is represented and the purpose is to clear each chakra. I am waiting for the full or dark moon to try the first one and given how many their are, I may only do one once a month. I have a lot on my plate with a full course load of graduate school and ideally I would like to devote my spare time to the exploration of each chakra and the various issues associated with it and to meditate on each one in turn.

Well, I don’t think I have persuaded anyone to rush out and buy these products but I hope that word of mouth counts for something. When you find a gem, it’s only normal to want to let people know.


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